July, 2014

Despite Christie Whirlwind National Spin Tour, Governor Keeps Pace with NJ Town Hall Schedule

The Star Ledger reported this week about Governor Christie’s campaign tour on behalf of Republican gubernatorial candidates and other candidates in his role as Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association. The stumping for candidates affords Christie the advantage of marketing his brand to national audiences that he needs to woo for his contemplated run at the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016. One of the states that Christie will visit is Iowa, which holds the nation’s first presidential caucus.

In Chapter Fourteen and Fifteen of Ruthless Ambition, readers are given a glimpse of what may be in store for these national audiences—a depiction of Christie’s other national stumping tours during his first term as Governor. Christie has been characterized by some in the media as the best politician able to spin an audience since Bill Clinton. (more…)