Blog Analysis of Corrupt Deep State Probe

By Louis Manzo / June 2018

Any public relations person worth their salt will advise their clients to get way ahead of any bad news on the horizon by managing and controlling the release of the harmful information whenever possible—attempting to put the best spin possible on the bad news. Thus, explains a leak to the New York Times, a week or so ago, by DOJ sources, regarding government informants and/or spies inserted into the Trump presidential campaign.

Analogous to this is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein [at present, the most conflicted attorney in the world] hijacking of the overdue Inspector General’s report of the DOJ’s handling of the Hillary Clinton espionage and email scandal. Rosenstein is trying to soften and purge the report of evidence and conclusions that may well incriminate him and other higherups at the DOJ.



By Louis Manzo / May 2018
The past several blogs, in keeping with the traditional format of this website’s blog, have dealt with exposing injustice at the hands of the government while carrying out investigations and attempted prosecutions. This blog continues in that vein.
This blog sharply criticized Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Mueller was assigned to investigate the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign related to possible Russian collusion, along with any potential obstruction of justice that is associated with the DOJ’s investigation of the matter. Mueller is a surrogate of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is the power behind the throne at the DOJ, dominating the action there since the recusal and feeble legal capabilities of Attorney General Jeff Sessions have relegated him as irrelevant.
Federal Judge T.S. Ellis III, in the case that Mueller brought against Paul Manafort, excoriated Mueller’s prosecution team and characterized the Special Counsel’s office as lying to seek unfettered power, amongst other harsh criticisms—many of which this blog had forewarned about. Manafort was briefly hired by the Trump campaign to help retain delegates during the primary and nomination segments of the Presidential campaign.
. (more…)



The Death of Attorney-Client Privilege


By Louis Manzo / April 2018

Welcome to the American Police State.
Whether you are a Trump supporter or hater, or you simply don’t care; YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THE TOP LEVELS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE—it might serve to strip you of a fundamental due process guarantee: the attorney-client privilege.
If Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s latest tactic of going after the lawyers of their targets holds legal muster, then this basic fundamental of due process is dead. No longer will clients reliably confide in their lawyers, and no longer will attorneys be able to give confidential advice to their clients, without the guarantee that such informational exchanges cannot be monitored by government prosecutors. The Fourth and Sixth Amendments of the United States Constitution protects the privacy of attorney-client privilege that Mueller and Rosenstein are hoping to kick to the curb.
The Department of Justice has never sought the privileged materials between any American President and his lawyer, EVER—and that includes Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. Should this intrusion of Constitutional guarantees stand, it opens the door for another prosecutor on another day to threaten other Constitutional protections typically standing in the way of prosecutions—such as protections and shield laws provided for protecting reporters and their sources and to priests and their confessors. Attorney-client privilege is only the first step on this slippery slope. (more…)


Potpourri: Odds & Ends

By Louis Manzo / March 2018

It has been a while since the last blog—I’ve been busy rewriting, editing, and preparing for the release of my next book, AN IRISH LULLABY. The book will be traditionally published by Moonshine Cove Publishing of South Carolina. It is a fiction genre and will be available on Amazon and bookstores [late summer/early fall] this year.
So, let’s catch up. Here is an assortment of major news media stories still evolving, and, of course, more predictions which, as the blog record shows [predictions in previous blogs calculate to a better than 90% success rate], will soon become fact!

Christie Maybe Wildcard as Trump Reshuffles the Deck
As President Donald trump continues to remake his cabinet and White House staff, don’t count out former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as someone the President will tap for a key position. The President is getting rid of, for the most part, initial appointments that he made on the recommendations of others—mainly to soothe the DC establishment. (more…)


****DEBATE BULLETIN**** Impossible for Hillary to Win Debates


[by Louis Manzo / September 26, 2016]

     Hillary Clinton might be the only person who could make Ken Kesey’s character from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, “Nurse Ratched,” appear to be lovable by comparison. Clinton’s political health is currently on par with her physical health—-not too good! Now, herself and her own campaign, assisted by a fanatically devout and delusional mainstream news media, have made it impossible for Clinton to win the first, and perhaps any, presidential debates.

     As I had stated in my previous blog that predicted the course of the Presidential campaign and election, as long as the three key polling factors remained above the 50% threshold—-American’s who feel that the country is headed in the wrong direction, that Clinton is dishonest, and that Clinton’s email fiasco alibi is untruthful—-then Hillary Clinton could not win the election. Clinton’s strategy to deal with this was to demonize Trump and his supporters through the use of campaign advertisements, speeches, and her mainstream media foils.

     All Trump has to do is to appear opposite of how Clinton and the media have portrayed him and he will walk away the debate winner. Millions of undecided voters, paying attention to the election for the first time, will see an affable Donald Trump, and not the monster that Clinton and the media have portrayed him to be. This is the exact same scenario that paralleled the 1980 presidential campaign between Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter. The media of that time portrayed Reagan as a fool and bumbler, he was anything but in his television debate appearances. (more…)



By Louis Manzo / August 5, 2016


     The blog is on fire! Dating back to the 2014 midterm elections, the blog has been astonishingly accurate in predicting election results and explaining to its readers “why”. The blog has already successfully forecast the GOP Primary right down to the final combatants. We then told you that Donald Trump would prevail and explained why.

     Today’s blog will tell you what the November Presidential election results will bring.

     The blog had also predicted that Hillary Clinton would not be the Democrat nominee on the ballot in November. On that count, the blog was wrong…so far. The reasoning: after reviewing the law and circumstances regarding Clinton’s server and e-mail scandal while she was heading up the State Department, it was felt that she would be indicted. The majority of lawyers and former prosecutors appearing on left and right leaning media talk shows agreed.

     Apparently, FBI Director James Comey felt evidence of “intent” was needed to prosecute a statute that did not require it. Comey actually created additional elements for prosecuting the crime, that were not established by Congress for the law, in order to give himself cover. Who could account for what actually went on during the days between Comey’s bizarre statement, and the impromptu meeting between Comey’s boss and former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac, in the middle of nowhere. Something that none of us would be aware of to this day, had not a local news crew stumbled onto the stealth participants.

     Was the fix in? Those of you who read about politicized prosecutions and DOJ corruption in Ruthless Ambition know that the answer to the question is a resounding, “YES!” Democrat and Republican elite are above the law. Let me cite a passage from Chapter Ten of the book: (more…)



     Louis Manzo March 8, 2016

     If you’ve been following my blogs for the past year, then you have noticed the uncanny and scarily accurate forecasting that I’ve been making relative to current events and national elections. [Short recap: successful predictions of the 2014 national midterm and statewide elections, the slow and steady demise of the Democrat Party, accurate prophesy to date of the current Dem and GOP presidential primaries, the failure of Jeb Bush, and the resignation of John Boehner.]

     My ideology and political philosophy do not factor into my predictions. [I am a lifelong Democrat.] Though many of you may choose to kill the messenger, my only motive is to continue keeping the readers of this blog the best informed.

     My forecasting is based upon an assortment of national polling data that tests the temperature and the mood of the American electorate, as well as policies and happenings impacting current events in the country. I rarely rely on horserace polling between candidates—it is becoming more and more unreliable in today’s politics, though favorability ratings of political personalities do factor in.

    Thus far, the GOP debates have had all the dignity of a Monday Night Raw wrestling match. The only thing that seems to be missing from the GOP forums are whip cream pies. (more…)




By Louis Manzo / November 10, 2015

     More Americans pulled levers for non-incumbent candidates with little political office experience in the recent November elections. Most of those candidates were Republicans, and most were either center or right of center in political ideology.

     DEM’S lost the Sheriff’s seat in the liberal bastion of San Francisco, where even progressives sent their party a message about “sanctuary city” policies. In Kentucky, the DEM’S lost 4 of 5 statewide constitutional offices, including the governorship for only the second time in 48 years. The DEM’S took surprising losses in Virginia as well.

    This continues a trend that was forecast in this blog just before the November 2014 elections. More than two-thirds of the legislative houses of the States in this country are now held by Republican, as are 33 Governor’s seats. (more…)


RUSSIA MAKES READY TO TAKEOUT ISIS: Putin to Be Lauded on World Stage by American Allies Who Were Snubbed by Obama

By Louis Manzo / September 24, 2015

     In the weeks prior to his planned address to the United Nations’ General Assembly later this month, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has moved Russian military personnel and armament into Syria, despite concerns expressed by US President Barack Obama. Putin’s intentions are to prop up Russian ally and Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. Putin’s cover story will be that Russia will be conducting a major assault against ISIS by leading and establishing a coalition to do so.

   With US allies such as Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia in angst over the United States’ failure to assert leadership in confronting the ISIS terror campaign, these countries are likely to encourage the Russian initiative. US allies in Europe, trying to cope with an overwhelming number of Syrian refugees fleeing into their countries, will also likely welcome the Russian action.

     Look for the Russian strategy to be unveiled during Putin’s address to the United Nations in late September. (more…)



By Louis Manzo / August 18, 2015

     New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s, so far, short-lived campaign for the GOP presidential nomination is nearing its end. Basically, like others of his fellow GOP contenders, he has been Trumped. All of the so-called campaign professionals, advising their particular clients amongst the huge field of candidates seeking the GOP nomination, have totally misread the American people, as have their counterparts advising Hillary Clinton.

   The American people, as the 2014 election cycle indicated and polling confirmed, are fed up with the conditions in their country and the out-of-touch Washington pols [both Democrat and Republican] whose polices have taken a wrecking ball to America. The American people have been fed doctored numbers on the health of the nation’s economy and the largesse of other out-of-work Americans who are purposefully not counted in unemployment statistics in order to paint a picture of a rosy economy and robust job growth.

     The American people have also consistently expressed their angst with a flawed immigration policy that the money barons and lobbyist who fund both parties seem to prefer— amnesty, cheap labor, and open borders. (more…)