March, 2018

Potpourri: Odds & Ends

By Louis Manzo / March 2018

It has been a while since the last blog—I’ve been busy rewriting, editing, and preparing for the release of my next book, AN IRISH LULLABY. The book will be traditionally published by Moonshine Cove Publishing of South Carolina. It is a fiction genre and will be available on Amazon and bookstores [late summer/early fall] this year.
So, let’s catch up. Here is an assortment of major news media stories still evolving, and, of course, more predictions which, as the blog record shows [predictions in previous blogs calculate to a better than 90% success rate], will soon become fact!

Christie Maybe Wildcard as Trump Reshuffles the Deck
As President Donald trump continues to remake his cabinet and White House staff, don’t count out former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as someone the President will tap for a key position. The President is getting rid of, for the most part, initial appointments that he made on the recommendations of others—mainly to soothe the DC establishment. (more…)