September, 2015

RUSSIA MAKES READY TO TAKEOUT ISIS: Putin to Be Lauded on World Stage by American Allies Who Were Snubbed by Obama

By Louis Manzo / September 24, 2015

     In the weeks prior to his planned address to the United Nations’ General Assembly later this month, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has moved Russian military personnel and armament into Syria, despite concerns expressed by US President Barack Obama. Putin’s intentions are to prop up Russian ally and Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. Putin’s cover story will be that Russia will be conducting a major assault against ISIS by leading and establishing a coalition to do so.

   With US allies such as Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia in angst over the United States’ failure to assert leadership in confronting the ISIS terror campaign, these countries are likely to encourage the Russian initiative. US allies in Europe, trying to cope with an overwhelming number of Syrian refugees fleeing into their countries, will also likely welcome the Russian action.

     Look for the Russian strategy to be unveiled during Putin’s address to the United Nations in late September. (more…)