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RUSSIA MAKES READY TO TAKEOUT ISIS: Putin to Be Lauded on World Stage by American Allies Who Were Snubbed by Obama

By Louis Manzo / September 24, 2015

     In the weeks prior to his planned address to the United Nations’ General Assembly later this month, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has moved Russian military personnel and armament into Syria, despite concerns expressed by US President Barack Obama. Putin’s intentions are to prop up Russian ally and Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. Putin’s cover story will be that Russia will be conducting a major assault against ISIS by leading and establishing a coalition to do so.

   With US allies such as Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia in angst over the United States’ failure to assert leadership in confronting the ISIS terror campaign, these countries are likely to encourage the Russian initiative. US allies in Europe, trying to cope with an overwhelming number of Syrian refugees fleeing into their countries, will also likely welcome the Russian action.

     Look for the Russian strategy to be unveiled during Putin’s address to the United Nations in late September.

     The world has seemingly unraveled as a result of a feckless United States foreign policy deployed over the past six years, stratagem that might be considered the worst in the country’s history. Unlike his Democratic predecessors who showed bold leadership and strength in their implementation of foreign affairs policy [FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton], Obama has opted for the Carter approach—backpedaling and retreat.

   Along with other world leaders, Putin watched Obama kowtow to some of the world’s most oppressive government leaders during his first term, during his post-inauguration, globetrotting US apology tour—criticizing America’s role as an intervener in previous crises that once consumed the world stage, despite the fact that such militaristic American leadership had led to the liberation of countless oppressed peoples.

     Many Americans were humiliated by the president’s conduct.

     Putin became emboldened.

     Putin further watched as Obama compounded President Bush’s poor decision to invade Iraq by then withdrawing US troops far too early from the country, and by doing so allowed Iraq to descend into civil wars and chaos. ISIS soon evolved. Iran will eventually be the benefactor of Obama’s folly as they continue asserting their influence and conquest over their neighbor.

     Putin then assessed the American President’s mettle when Obama’s “line in the sand”—drawn for Syria’s Assad’s regime—was crossed routinely without consequence. He tested Obama’s resolve when Russian troops intruded into the Ukraine. And, then Putin finally observed United States negotiators pushed around by Iran—capitulating, and then signing off on the world’s most criticized “deal.” Actually, a treaty, except to members of the United States Congress.

     Time and time again, President Obama has allowed the world’s bullies to kick enough sand on his blanket to fill a desert. Obama has created a leadership vacuum by withdrawing American influence from around the world. In the wake of that absence, tyrants rose to power and oppressed people. Torture and beheadings are now routinely conducted in the void that US foreign policy has ceded to brutal butchers.

     Obama has further allowed the destabilization of other Middle East ticking time bombs such as Libya, where the US aided rebels who overthrew and murdered Muammar Gaddafi. Again, mayhem ensued, also forcing a surge of refugees fleeing the madness to head for Europe.

     Obama has further implemented a schizophrenic foreign policy relative to Syria. He wants to oust Assad while the Syrian President is warring with the United States’ number one nemesis: ISIS [aka: the jayvee team]. Surely, ISIS taking hold of Syria and its ample supply of military hardware could only further serve to ignite additional conflicts in the region.

     Another US ally, Israel, is opposed to Assad because of his relationship with Iran. With Iran in Syria’s backyard, they are just a stone’s throw or a missile launch away from their hated enemy. Unfortunately, this is now a no-win situation for Israel, no matter which side prevails. In the lesser of two evils options, Israel would probably prefer to deal with ISIS next door rather than Iran. At least the US has more animus for ISIS rather than Iran.

     Now enters Vladimir Putin, a savvy KGB alumnus who plots his strategy like a sly fox that can pick up the scent of chicken in a hen house or the White House. Pulling off this latest intervention into Syria will win the accolades of the United States’ Middle East and NATO allies, and that will leave the Russian President grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

     President Obama has regrettably paid more attention to his golf game than foreign affairs, and now the world is paying the price. History is replete with lessons of tyrants and monsters rising up in the absence of any resistance. History teaches that such operatives cannot be sweet talked or reasoned with. History teaches that it is always worse to deal with these tyrants later rather than sooner.

     Unfortunately, when President Obama turned, tucked his tail, and walked away from confronting the enemies of democracy, severe consequences for all of humanity ensued. The world is now dying his thousand deaths.



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