March, 2016


     Louis Manzo March 8, 2016

     If you’ve been following my blogs for the past year, then you have noticed the uncanny and scarily accurate forecasting that I’ve been making relative to current events and national elections. [Short recap: successful predictions of the 2014 national midterm and statewide elections, the slow and steady demise of the Democrat Party, accurate prophesy to date of the current Dem and GOP presidential primaries, the failure of Jeb Bush, and the resignation of John Boehner.]

     My ideology and political philosophy do not factor into my predictions. [I am a lifelong Democrat.] Though many of you may choose to kill the messenger, my only motive is to continue keeping the readers of this blog the best informed.

     My forecasting is based upon an assortment of national polling data that tests the temperature and the mood of the American electorate, as well as policies and happenings impacting current events in the country. I rarely rely on horserace polling between candidates—it is becoming more and more unreliable in today’s politics, though favorability ratings of political personalities do factor in.

    Thus far, the GOP debates have had all the dignity of a Monday Night Raw wrestling match. The only thing that seems to be missing from the GOP forums are whip cream pies. (more…)