September, 2014

U. S. Attorney Spokesperson on Bridgegate: Ignore Leaks of Our Intentions to Clear Christie

By Louis Manzo September 24, 2014

Governor Chris Christie gave the appearance of a cat who swallowed a canary as he chastised and taunted members of the legislative committee investigating him last Thursday [September 18, 2014]. “They’ve been irresponsible,” Christie charged. “These are people who are addicted to MSNBC and the front pages of your newspapers,” he further declared to a gallery full of media.

The Governor’s remarks mysteriously coincided with the song of another canary, this one chirping inside the offices of federal prosecutors in New Jersey, which later in the day let the cat out of the bag regarding information about the United States Attorney’s Office’s [USAO] supposedly surreptitious investigation of Bridgegate and other matters. The news that Christie would not be charged in the probe might be considered a sort of in-kind contribution to the Governor’s stealth presidential campaign from prosecutors in his former office. (more…)


Now Drunk With Power, Texas D.A. Indicts Governor Rick Perry

By Louis Manzo, August 19, 2014

The specious indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry last week should send shivers down the spines of all American’s. It accentuates the point trumpeted in Ruthless Ambition: The Rise and Fall of Chris Christie—prosecutors on all levels need legitimate oversight, and our current system of Justice, especially at the federal level, is out of control, remaining an endangerment to the liberty of all Americans. (more…)




Today’s Star-Ledger headline story [see link below], is based upon a lead WCBS Channel 2 news story [the news clip appears at the bottom of the Ledger’s news link]is rattling the cages of the Christie camp. The report discloses an effort by Christie brass in the Port Authority Police Department to silence cops trying to alleviate the hazardous conditions posed by the George Washington Bridge 4 day traffic jam created by Christie’s office last September.

Subsequent to the refusal of Fort Lee, NJ’s mayor to support Governor Christie’s 2013 reelection bid, Christie’s office ordered lane closures on the bridge in order to gridlock Fort Lee, which sits at the western mouth of the George Washington bridge and punish the Mayor of the town for his failure to endorse Christie’s 2013 reelection bid.

Ironically, Christie has spent more than $7M of taxpayer’s money to date on his own self-initiated investigation which cleared him of any involvement in the Bridgegate scandal. Apparently, Christie’s team of lawyer’s “very thorough investigation” managed to miss the inconvenient details reported in today’s news items.

Port Authority cops told to ‘shut up’ about GWB lane closures, memo says




For Chris Christie, Scandals Die as Hard as Old Habits

By Louis Manzo, September 2, 2014

While some media outlets around the nation continue to shower Governor Chris Christie’s stealth presidential campaign tour with much fanfare, other serious media entities continue breaking news on the latest Chris Christie scandal that has begun to unravel. A scandal that involves the selection of Wall Street investment firms hired to manage the monies of the battered NJ public employees’ pension system.

Governor Christie has dusted off an old scheme that helped him fund his run for Governor while he was the once United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey, and he has even added a new twist to it. Christie then used his office as a chief prosecutor to twist the arms of prosecution targets for consenting to deferred prosecution agreements, whereby Christie got to pick a law firm to monitor the terms of the agreements. The agreements enabled the targets to escape prosecution. The law firms selected were chosen without a public bidding process and many were coincidentally substantial donors to Christie’s later run for Governor. The contracts for the law firms totaled hundreds of millions of dollars, including a $50M contract awarded to the law firm of his old boss, former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. (more…)