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Today’s Star-Ledger headline story [see link below], is based upon a lead WCBS Channel 2 news story [the news clip appears at the bottom of the Ledger’s news link]is rattling the cages of the Christie camp. The report discloses an effort by Christie brass in the Port Authority Police Department to silence cops trying to alleviate the hazardous conditions posed by the George Washington Bridge 4 day traffic jam created by Christie’s office last September.

Subsequent to the refusal of Fort Lee, NJ’s mayor to support Governor Christie’s 2013 reelection bid, Christie’s office ordered lane closures on the bridge in order to gridlock Fort Lee, which sits at the western mouth of the George Washington bridge and punish the Mayor of the town for his failure to endorse Christie’s 2013 reelection bid.

Ironically, Christie has spent more than $7M of taxpayer’s money to date on his own self-initiated investigation which cleared him of any involvement in the Bridgegate scandal. Apparently, Christie’s team of lawyer’s “very thorough investigation” managed to miss the inconvenient details reported in today’s news items.

Port Authority cops told to ‘shut up’ about GWB lane closures, memo says




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