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By Louis Manzo / August 18, 2015

     New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s, so far, short-lived campaign for the GOP presidential nomination is nearing its end. Basically, like others of his fellow GOP contenders, he has been Trumped. All of the so-called campaign professionals, advising their particular clients amongst the huge field of candidates seeking the GOP nomination, have totally misread the American people, as have their counterparts advising Hillary Clinton.

   The American people, as the 2014 election cycle indicated and polling confirmed, are fed up with the conditions in their country and the out-of-touch Washington pols [both Democrat and Republican] whose polices have taken a wrecking ball to America. The American people have been fed doctored numbers on the health of the nation’s economy and the largesse of other out-of-work Americans who are purposefully not counted in unemployment statistics in order to paint a picture of a rosy economy and robust job growth.

     The American people have also consistently expressed their angst with a flawed immigration policy that the money barons and lobbyist who fund both parties seem to prefer— amnesty, cheap labor, and open borders.

   The American people have been fed a crock on immigration reforms from the Republican office seekers they elected in 2014. They are angry for being played. The electorate is also rabid mad with all DC pols over the foreign trade bill that they still won’t allow the American public to read, and the recent Iran treaty [called a non-treaty to give cover to pols with Jell-O backbones in DC] that is tantamount to surrender.

   Amidst this anger and the angst of the American people, Chris Christie cannonballed into the pool of GOP contenders to find out that Donald Trump had already drained the water. Trump’s campaign [like him or hate him] is obviously resonating with an angry American public sector who are fed-up with the bull**** of politicians who have made a mess of their country.

     Christie introduced himself as a compromiser. America saw him as compromised—-a snowball in July. Christie hasn’t caught fire anywhere and his audiences for his patented town hall roadshow are dwindling. He continues desperately trying to make traction on his one debate highlight—his flare-up with Rand Paul. In his appearance at the Iowa State Fair, it seems only the food concessioners were happy to see him.

     The American people are sick of the type of compromises that have produced the mess the country is in today. The 2014 national congressional elections weren’t about sending people to Washington to get along and work together, it was about putting a halt to an agenda that was out of step with mainstream America. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell failed to get that message and they will reap a bitter harvest after the 2016 elections. They are perceived as traitors, by and large, by the conservative base of the GOP along with a majority of the American people. Chris Christie delivered a fatal blow to his own campaign by promoting himself as a compromiser.

     Anyone, from either party, who is perceived to be part of the bought and paid for, inside the DC beltway, elected class, is doomed in this climate of American outrage. Hence, you can understand why a virtual unknown and lackluster Bernie Sanders has crept up on Hillary Clinton and is drawing enormous crowds wherever he goes.

   This is an anti-Clinton and anti-political establishment following. Further, Clinton will never survive the staged DOJ criminal investigation surrounding her personal computer server and Top Secret documents, designed to clear the way for Vice President Joe Biden to seek the presidency or, alternatively, Senator Elizabeth Ann Warren of Massachusetts.

     Biden is the wrong tonic for helping a party that continues to hemorrhage most of its moderate and blue collar members—the party members who once bailed on Jimmy Carter in favor of Ronald Reagan, and are poised to walkout on the party again.

     Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, recently unable to publically explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist, demonstrates how out of touch the far left wing of the party is positioning Dems for the 2016 election cycle. As I successfully predicted before the midterm elections in 2014, I am predicting again: the Dems will get their clocks cleaned in the 2016 election cycle. You heard it here first!

     The lobbyist and DC money people, intent on a virtual open border immigration policy to satisfy their need for cheap labor, remain nervous. Money people like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and the cartel from the American Chamber of Commerce would love nothing more than a Bush versus Clinton election—maintaining the status quo and fulfilling their agendas no matter whomever won.

     The money cartel can’t buy or control Trump.

   Trump has leveled the playing field for disgruntled Americans. Able to speak out to what is music to the ears of fed-up Americans, only Trump can ignore the tune of the moneymen that the other politicians must sing and dance to in return for their campaign dollars.

     The American people see the predicament that bought and paid for politicians have placed their country in. They see Trump as the solution—mainly because he can’t be bought. The more that political insiders and the news media [also polling highly unfavorable with the American people] try to take down Trump, the more popular he will become. The more Americans from both parties—fed-up with the status quo—will firm up behind him.

     Right now, the beltway establishment will begin to throw money into the campaigns of other GOP candidates willing to take shots at Trump, attempting to take him down. Look for Jeb Bush, the insider’s favorite candidate and who has amassed the most campaign dollars to date, to begin to start lobbing plenty of grenades Trump’s way.

     Should the GOP party apparatchik employ the means in their party bylaws to strip delegates from any of Trump’s anticipated primary election wins, he has held out the leverage of an independent candidacy. Such a strategy seems futile today, but given how volatile the electorate has become, it might become more possible with each passing day.

     Poor Chris Christie has virtually no chance— wrong message, too little money, and too much baggage. Toast! He too has been buried by the avalanche that is the Trump candidacy.

     Christie is only playing for a seat at the table now. Someone should pull the plug on his failed campaign.

Website note: With the end of the Christie campaign for president in sight, the blog will begin to take a broader national scope on the topics to be written about and covered here.



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