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Blog Analysis of Corrupt Deep State Probe

By Louis Manzo / June 2018

Any public relations person worth their salt will advise their clients to get way ahead of any bad news on the horizon by managing and controlling the release of the harmful information whenever possible—attempting to put the best spin possible on the bad news. Thus, explains a leak to the New York Times, a week or so ago, by DOJ sources, regarding government informants and/or spies inserted into the Trump presidential campaign.

Analogous to this is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein [at present, the most conflicted attorney in the world] hijacking of the overdue Inspector General’s report of the DOJ’s handling of the Hillary Clinton espionage and email scandal. Rosenstein is trying to soften and purge the report of evidence and conclusions that may well incriminate him and other higherups at the DOJ.

Reading between the lines of these events and other sketchy document leaks to the media, we can now confidently predict what will come to pass over the course of the next year—the revelation of an unprecedented criminal conspiracy at the highest levels of the United States Government, which employed the resources of United States intelligence agencies to knowingly and illegally exonerate the 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee of crimes and attempt to frame the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee of other crimes. Translation: an attempted soft intelligence agency coup to take out a president.

I provided a hint of these potential crimes on a recent episode of Connecticut talk show host, Phil Mikan’s, show. Since then, more has leaked out from the government sieve. I’m now ready to connect more dots and explain to the readers of this blog what went down and what’s about to be exposed.

There are essentially two components to this government conspiracy.

First: the illegally manipulated exoneration of Hillary Clinton for the mishandling of State secrets by employing an illegal server for the transmitting of government documents and information while she served as Secretary of State. The much-anticipated Inspector General report, currently being sanitized and whitewashed by Rod Rosenstein, will touch upon these matters. Rosenstein should be very careful in massaging the DOJ conduct that will be revealed in the report—there is a cadre of some 20 or more FBI agents prodding Congress to allow them to testify to the crimes of the FBI brass and other DOJ insiders relative to this scandal.

Second: a plot to frame Presidential Candidate Donald Trump for alleged criminal conduct created by the government. Essentially, blaming Trump’s campaign for colluding with Russian actors to seize the hijacked Clinton and DNC emails and files for the purpose of crippling her campaign and altering the outcome of the election. After Trump was elected, this plot was then transformed into a silent coup attempt to take him out. As verified by the “Plan B” discussed in emails between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

As this plot continues to unravel, the conspirator’s in this scheme remain still drunk with power and pushing their false narrative in an attempt to save their hides. As an example, Former CIA Director John Brennan employs the classic CIA strategy when an operative is caught—deny, attack the attacker, and spread more disinformation.

Some of the players who will be implicated in this conspiracy are Former CIA Director John Brennan [the mastermind of the operation], Former FBI Director James Comey, Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Former United States Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her IT Aide Imran Awan.

And, YES, President Barack Obama knew about and approved the DOJ misconduct. Obama’s administration was no stranger to corruptly employing the tools of government to go after the regime’s perceived enemies. The IRS targeted investigations of GOP supporters, the NSA spying on the cellphone and internet communications of Americans [some of which was exposed by Edward Snowden], and the prosecution of United States Senator Robert Menendez—after the Senator exposed the faults of Obama foreign policy regarding Iran and Cuba.

Ironically, Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch may be spared—she apparently got cold feet and resisted the plot. This explains the visit by Former President Bill Clinton to her airplane on the tarmac of a Nevada airport during the height of the investigation of Hillary’s security lapses. The plan to sure Lynch up didn’t workout so well, but when news about the Clinton/Lynch meeting was intentionally leaked to the media, the conspirators got what they wanted anyway—Lynch recused herself from the matter and left things in the hands of James Comey.

What drove this lunacy was the compromising of the DNC’s and Hillary Clinton’s computer servers. When the DNC computers were hacked it confirmed that Hillary Clinton was illegally using her own private server while Secretary of State, through which top secret and confidential materials were being transmitted.

This conduct was criminal and Clinton was to be the soon Presidential nominee of a major political party—something had to be done! At the same time, the DNC’s fixing of the primary election process to ensure that Bernie Sanders couldn’t win was being exposed. And, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s coverup up her IT Aide’s hacking of Congressional computers was likewise being found out.

Collaborating with the other intelligence agency conspirators, Comey came to the rescue of the corrupt Clinton catastrophe by becoming the lead dog and DOJ spokesperson—spinning the false narrative and creating the Clinton alibi: Clinton wasn’t corrupt, she was just careless. At this point, President Obama and the head honchos participating in the conspiracy actually knew that Clinton had committed a crime for which they had to provide the cover.

The same was true for Clinton’s and the DNC staff supporting her, as well as the lawyers defending her. This explains their destruction of much of the material and documents which were under Congressional subpoena at the time, and the unprecedented, broad based immunity extended to Clinton’s staff and lawyers by the DOJ. It also sheds light on why there were lax protocols and unprecedented latitudes extended to Clinton, her lawyers and staff during her FBI interview—not under oath and other evidentiary witnesses allowed to be present. The atmosphere was one more suited for a cocktail party than an FBI interview.

By seizing charge of the investigation and illegally inserting himself into the role of Attorney General, Comey compromised the entire investigation from the get-go.

The second phase of the conspiracy is still underway—the framing and takeout of Trump. False evidence was planted in the Trump campaign by government intelligence agencies for their counterparts to manipulate into a prosecution of Trump. The grand deception, which everyone fell for, was the firing of Comey. With the politically feeble Attorney General Jeff Sessions put on ice, Rod Rosenstein, in consultation with his conspiracy collaborators, plotted to have Trump fire the FBI Director. Rosenstein recommended Comey’s termination to Trump. This was mainly to serve as the prompt and catalyst for the appointment of the Special Counsel.

There was no nationwide search for hiring Mueller, he had already been preselected by Comey and Rosenstein to carryout the case against Trump. [Don’t be surprised if it is soon disclosed that Mueller had given immunity to Comey, which would indicate that Mueller is thick in the thickets of this conspiracy as well.]

This stage of the conspiracy was intended to also dovetail in providing cover for Clinton’s crimes as well. The accusers alleged that Russians hacked Clinton and DNC emails and were peddling them to Trump’s campaign for the purpose of altering the outcome of the election.

Here lies the most glaring mistake made by the conspirators guiding this investigation. The most obvious place to start the investigation for finding out whoever it was that hacked the Clinton and DNC servers was where the best evidence could be found—at the source: on Clinton’s and the DNC’s servers. This still remains the best evidence for tracking the perpetrators. To this date, for whatever bizarre reasoning, these servers were never subjected to the electronic forensic investigative tools typically used by government intelligence agencies. WHY NOT?

[Hold the thought, the blog will answer this question shortly.]

And, before suspecting the Russians, didn’t it make sense to investigate two known and suspected hackers—Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s aide, Imran Awan, who had already hacked DNC and Congressional computers; and Seth Rich, the once Bernie Sander’s supporter, who then worked for the DNC and Clinton, and is one of the suspects for the leaking of the DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

But the conspirators had already predetermined that they needed to locate the perpetrators of the hacking in a location where they needed to find them in order to oust Trump—somewhere, anywhere, in Trump’s campaign. The conspirators had a problem in utilizing the tools of justice for launching such an investigation—surveillance and evidence documents are typically acquired though a warrant issued by a court. But there was no criminal predicate necessary for asking a court to implement those tools. The conspirators faced a dilemma—no evidence of a crime involving the Trump campaign was apparent.

But investigators would not need a criminal predicate for engaging such investigative tools if the DOJ ran a counter intelligence investigation and sought the surveillance and documents through a FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] court warrant. Here is where the evidence of collusion between the DOJ and DNC to investigate Trump becomes obvious.

The evidence used for acquiring the initial FISA warrant, and its continuance, were 1) a political dossier composed by a former British spy, which was chock full of false but salacious information. The document was paid for, in part, by the DNC. 2) False evidence planted by the spies and/or confidential human resources inside the Trump campaign.

The spies and/or human resources were well paid—hundreds of thousands of dollars. The DOJ utilized a standard ploy of other corrupt prosecutions [including the infamous Bid Rig III sting]. Once a resource planted the false narrative—the Russians had Clinton’s and the DNC’s hacked emails and were looking to sell them—onto a Trump campaign worker [George Papadopoulos], the target then passed the story onto another government resource, who was then utilized to corroborate support for the initiation and continuance of the FISA warrant.

As an added bonus, Papadopoulos happened to pass along the DOJ’s planted story to an Australian Ambassador. The Ambassador passed the information along to the American government. The incident and the contrived story was then used as additional FISA court evidence for further surveillance of Trump’s campaign.

It is hard to believe that a foreign ambassador being interviewed by FBI agents wasn’t passed up the chain of command to the White House and President Obama. In fact, other emails between FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page would confirm that the President knew.

What the government actually feared is that Trump had acquired the hacked emails and stolen files. To go to the extent that they did, those emails and files had to contain some pretty damning information about Clinton and the Obama administration. And, it is cause to wonder whether these are the same emails that were alleged to have been turned over to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks by DNC worker Seth Rich.

Rich was mysteriously gunned down in the wee hours of the morning on DC streets. Did he know the contents of the emails? This would also explain why the government never subpoenaed the DNC and Clinton servers and allowed tens of thousands of emails and hard drives to be destroyed—they already knew the damning information that they contained.

Stay tuned.


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