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****DEBATE BULLETIN**** Impossible for Hillary to Win Debates


[by Louis Manzo / September 26, 2016]

     Hillary Clinton might be the only person who could make Ken Kesey’s character from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, “Nurse Ratched,” appear to be lovable by comparison. Clinton’s political health is currently on par with her physical health—-not too good! Now, herself and her own campaign, assisted by a fanatically devout and delusional mainstream news media, have made it impossible for Clinton to win the first, and perhaps any, presidential debates.

     As I had stated in my previous blog that predicted the course of the Presidential campaign and election, as long as the three key polling factors remained above the 50% threshold—-American’s who feel that the country is headed in the wrong direction, that Clinton is dishonest, and that Clinton’s email fiasco alibi is untruthful—-then Hillary Clinton could not win the election. Clinton’s strategy to deal with this was to demonize Trump and his supporters through the use of campaign advertisements, speeches, and her mainstream media foils.

     All Trump has to do is to appear opposite of how Clinton and the media have portrayed him and he will walk away the debate winner. Millions of undecided voters, paying attention to the election for the first time, will see an affable Donald Trump, and not the monster that Clinton and the media have portrayed him to be. This is the exact same scenario that paralleled the 1980 presidential campaign between Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter. The media of that time portrayed Reagan as a fool and bumbler, he was anything but in his television debate appearances.

    Like Reagan, Trump playing against Clinton and the media’s typecast for him, gives him an easy debate win.

   My sources from in-the-know Democrat’s and party officials in New Jersey, report that Hillary stumbling or having a health issue during the debate will trigger a movement to replace her with Joe Biden. Clinton would have to consent—good luck on getting that.

    Clinton and her advisors have made it impossible to win the debate. Read my previous blog at to understand what will happen in the election.



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