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By Louis Manzo / October 29, 2014

An astonishing seventy percent of American’s are dissatisfied with the direction the country is headed in.

According to insiders from both major political party persuasions, along with a smattering of recent national polling, indications are that the Democratic Party stands ready to have their heads handed to them at the polls next Tuesday [November 4, 2014.] The only question that remains is how far down the ballot the blood from this massacre will flow? Can those Democrats running on the party line in local elections be spared the animus of ticked-off voters who are fed up with a party that they feel has stepped much too far to the left, and perhaps off a cliff?

Ironically, it is local Democratic Party officeholders who happen to represent the more conservative wing of the party.

Back in the day, I was honored to serve elected office in one of our Country’s longtime Democrat Party bastions, Hudson County, New Jersey. I recently called some of the locals there, many of whom are considered Democrat Party stalwarts, in order to take the temperature of the electorate heading into Election Day. Did I ever get an earful! These are conversations that most of us as Democrats don’t want to admit to sharing—chats about the inconvenient truths that we feel are destroying our Party.

The more liberal and left-leaning members of the party confess that the country is a wreck, but they remain satisfied with the agenda being pushed out of Washington.

The blue collar Dems and the old party faithful—there are plenty of them still out there—are fed up. They consist of our Country’s dwindling middle class, and they don’t like the hard left turn their party has taken. Young Dems feel betrayed—terribly disappointed with the hope and change they voted for, but for them arrived in the form of college loans the size of mortgages, and graduate degrees that are useless in the broken job market.

Even women voters are finding the Democrat Party as an unsafe option.

These groups are feeling abandoned by a party that has given up on fighting for the dying American Dream, and now seems more fixated on transforming America into a place for immigrants to come and thrive. This, perhaps, is the result of the socialist-like elements of the National Democratic Party who deplore the philosophy that a rising tide lifts all boats and, instead, relies on the philosophy of that in order to keep your own boat afloat, you might have to sink your neighbors.

Some of the Hudson Dems were once a part of the frustrated party faithful that fled the toxic malaise of their party after the Carter presidency, and who would then later become the Reagan Democrats that helped bring the curtain down upon the former left-leaning President’s try for a second term. They followed up by electing Republicans to the state legislature—unheard of in Hudson County politics! It took a charismatic Bill Clinton to woo these once party faithful back to the Democratic fold. The bad news for Democrats is that, this time, these fed-up Dems are not coming back. They see no Democratic saviors on the horizon…not even Hillary Clinton.

To elaborate on the issues that have caused such angst would require too much space to write in. Therefore, the following sound bites from news events of the past eight years should suffice: You can keep your Doctor. The NSA spying on Americans. The IRS used as a political weapon. The United States will never see a case of Ebola here. The provisions of the Affordable Care Act that revive eugenic platforms and cause companies to hire part-time workers at the expense of fulltime workers. The massive firings of military brass without just cause. Unemployment. Benghazi. You can keep your Doctor. The proposed immigration reform agenda and the failure to secure our Country’s borders. More American’s reliant on social programs than ever before in our history. ISIS is the jayvee team. The Arab spring will be a good thing. The abuse of Executive Orders and the assault on the Constitution. Fast & Furious. The Veteran’s Administration Hospitals scandal. China’s economy overtaking America’s. You can keep your Doctor.

Rebel Democrats now have more in common with Republican Party agendas that resonate with their pocketbooks. Their concerns for social issues are now taking a far backseat to their concerns for their thinning wallets. They are unhappy with America’s decline in prestige and stature in the world, along with the leaders who seem all too comfortable with that decline. They can taste the Carter malaise again.

These same rebel Dem’s are smart enough to know that no one is going to overturn popular progressive advances that they supported over the past several decades, and they are willing to chance supporting another party platform—one with a more middle class friendly economic agenda. They are even smarter to know the difference between a progressive agenda versus a socialist agenda.

Unfortunately, the left-wingers in control of the Democratic National Committee will never see this coming. They know they have a problem, they just don’t know how fatally deep it is. Tuesday is about to hit them like a freight train. That is because, as is true with the status-quo of both national political parties, the people running things at the top typically have their heads stuck so far up their you-know-what’s that they remain too much out of touch with the American people.

To think, just a few years ago, political soothsayers were predicting that the Tea Party would be the death knell of the Republican Party. The difference is that the Republican Party’s arguments are taking place in order to find a middle ground somewhere more to the right of center—where more Americans identify themselves today. The Democratic Party arguments are taking place exit stage left.

The earthquake that hits Tuesday will be the end of the Democratic Party as we have come to know it. There are no other prominent Dems on the horizon who can help woo back the Dem voters who will have deserted them forever. The remaining majority of left-leaning Dems will try to rebuild a party from a growing audience of Americans dependent upon a government check or program to help them get by and survive—their vision of the new American Dream. They will advocate for policies that help to create this dependent underclass.

The Democratic Party has swung too far left to suite the agenda that the American people want today. They will pay the price on Election Day. How I will miss the once proud Party that had advanced the American Dream that most of our fellow countrymen held dear. The Party that helped the downtrodden and working man without wrecking the lives of other American’s, dividing our countrymen, or tinkering with our Constitution. “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” The current party never heard those words reverberate—they headed in the wrong direction.

Seventy percent of Americans are clamoring for a new direction. They will deliver that direction with a groundswell on Tuesday—they will wake-up the echoes.


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  • Rose on Aug 22, 2015 Reply

    If the Republicans ever re-take the assembly and seante, Mr. Carroll better get used to throwing up. Politics is the Art of the Possible, and if you want to have any influence you need to be willing to make compromises/deals. Or, you can stand on your principles, and make the governor and party leadership chase after Democrat votes, but they get to be very expensive.

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