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PREZ Election Legal Battle: Desecrating the Sacrifice of the Fallen

By Louis M. Manzo   December 5, 2020


“The [Americans] will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

                                           ― Vladimir Lenin


Georgia’s on my mind.

This past week, the nation was rocked by the ugly incident caught on the security cameras in Georgia’s Staples Center on election night. State of Georgia election workers defrauding millions of fellow Georgians by disenfranchising their votes. In effect, disenfranchising everyone who cast a legal ballot in this year’s Presidential election.

In the days to come, we’ll learn that Georgia wasn’t alone. These crimes were perpetrated elsewhere—in at least 5 other swing States.

What struck me the most while watching this crime caught on tape, was the casualness of the election workers sticking it to the Country. Supported by eyewitness testimony in sworn affidavits, this is only one piece of the puzzle to the crime of this century.

As Trump was taking a Nationwide vote lead, early after polls closed on election night, election workers decided it was time to shut down vote counting at the Staples Center. A leaky toilet, no where near the ballot counting area, was the reason given. It was a ruse.

When all of the States that shutdown finally told the American people they were going to resume their vote counts, one would think that a vote fairy had descended. Magically, documented by forensic data, massive ballot  dumps occurred during times these State’s said they had shut things down. The trajectory of the Presidential race took a 180 degrees change in direction.

At Georgia’s Staples Center,  the election workers then cleared the room of all observers, challengers and press. They next approached a table in the room, mysteriously covered over with an extra-large black tablecloth. The table had been setup there, earlier in the morning, by some of the same election workers. That was before observers, challengers, and the press arrived for the day.

The election workers then reach underneath the tablecloth and begin pulling out suitcases [ballot containers] stacked with ballots. Lending new meaning to the term ‘overnight bag.’ They rolled the ballot treasure chests over to other tables where  Dominion ballot counting machines were stationed. The stacks of ballots were then fed into the machines, sometimes twice.

The ballots were processed for approximately three hours. Expert witnesses, familiar with Dominion vote counting machines, estimated that tens of thousands of ballots were tabulated during this incident. That is more votes than the margin of victory for the Georgia Presidential vote count.

A closeup of one of the election workers shows her inserting and withdrawing a USB port in and out of one of the Dominion machines. She drops the USB port into the pocket of another election worker who promptly leaves the room.


A data frame from other forensic evidence—a replication of the election count as it occurred in real time, replete with the hacks, algorithms, and batches of ballot dumps—shows a huge spike in Georgia’s vote count at the time of the Staples Center crime. The vote pattern is an  anomaly to the trend in the State’s vote count. [225k Biden votes and 90k Trump votes are tabulated] During that spike, Biden overtakes Trump in the balloting.
All of this tabulating was unobserved, contrary to Georgia election law. These workers did not just break Georgia and federal election laws—they obliterated them. Cavemen counted votes better.

After the crimes in the Staples Center were exposed, Georgia’s loopy  Secretary Of State, Brad Raffensperger, played the typical Hogan’s Heroes, Sergeant Schultz role—”I see nothing!” Raffensperger brushed aside other election laws broken on  the crime tape—laws establishing that campaign observers have the right to be present during the processing of ballots.

The Secretary of State’s attitude was no big deal. He claimed that he had State election observers in the room. If he did, his observers were terribly unphotogenic, because the security cameras never picked them up.

There is another take on Raffensperger’s excuses—he’s lying through his teeth.

Another prominent attorney, Lin Wood, might have the best read on the bizarre Secretary of State’s reaction: “Raffensperger is corrupt! Follow the money.” Wood further chides the Secretary of State to sue him for libel. That’s so he can get the election certifying con-job on a witness stand and under oath, where he can then expose him.

Attorney Sidney Powell is even more flattering of Raffensperger, “He needs to go, because he’s in on the Dominion scam with their last-minute purchase or reward of a contract to Dominion of $100M.”

Raffensperger owns the ultimate blame for the election mess in Georgia. When once Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Stacy Abrams, sued for Georgia to strip validation protocols that ensure the legitimacy of absentee and mail-in ballots; Raffensperger folded his hand  or opened his palm.

Unlike the public debate that the Georgia legislature endeavored when enacting the State’s election laws, Raffensperger and Abrams found a backroom in the Georgia Statehouse to cut their dirty deal. The dynamic duo executed a consent decree disposing of the legislature’s elections law and creating their own. They told no one until a few weeks before the election.

The decree not only eviscerated the State of Georgia’s election laws, but it thrashed the United States Constitution as well. The Constitution expressly gives the authority only to State legislatures for writing laws effecting federal elections, not Raffensperger and Abrams.

Other swing vote States also made end-runs around their State legislatures, to likewise change their State election laws. The United States Supreme Court will have the final say on these scams.

For now, a Georgia State Senate Committee is investigating the fraud. An endless parade of witnesses, detailing the election crimes they observed, continue to testify. United States Attorney General William Barr and the FBI are content to let this all playout until the electoral college deadlines passes—so then it is too late for them to do anything.

The mainstream media will soon play their role in all of this. They don’t dare cover the Georgia crime—it doesn’t fit with their narrative of what the country is allowed to consume as news. They’ll wait until too many people find out, then they’ll spin this off as a hoax to their audience—Americans they treat as rabble.

Some in our country—those lost in their technology toys, social media sites, and Netflix shows—will swallow down the media’s pablum, then parrot what they were told. Too busy to seek the truth on their own.

There is another group of Americans affected by all of this. They are the fallen heroes of yesterday. Brave military warriors who answered freedom’s call throughout history. They made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the world’s and our country’s liberty, along with the sacred right to vote.

In places like Washington National Cemetery, Gettysburg, the cliffs overlooking France’s Normandy Beach, and perhaps a churchyard or local graveyard somewhere in, or near, your own hometown; you will find the hallowed acres and acres of grounds where these patriots were laid to rest.

The enormity of that sacrifice, marked by white crosses and simple grave plates, is staggering. It leaves visitors humbled. A sight that will summon the hairs on the back of your neck to rise and salute.  They are the  guardians who preserved for us the self-evident truths we hold so dear today.

These brave souls were also cheated by the ghouls in Georgia’s Staples Center. I wonder if the monsters who trashed democracy in the dead of night, ever gave mind to the fallen whose sacrifice they dishonored?

I wonder if Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger is bothered by his insult to the greatest from generations past, or is he now too content, awash in the spoils of Dominion’s riches as Lin Wood and Sidney Powell claim, to ever care at all?

When a people justify any means by which to  achieve the ends that they want in an election, they will lose their country.

Still, there remains many among us, those too blinded by their hate for the Orange Man, to ever buy into any notion of the fraud so evident to others. They won’t buy the evidence of election fraud in Georgia. They won’t buy the evidence of election fraud in other States.

No, they don’t care to buy into the truth gleaned from evidence. They don’t have the time.

They are too busy selling rope to Lenin.


















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