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Prez Election Legal Battle: Unmasking Kraken

By Louis M. Manzo November 28, 2020

It took me a while to put pen to paper before writing this column. Mainly because the reaction to this content will be skepticism. I cannot fault anyone for such reaction. The narrative here reads more like a John Clancy novel or the script from an Oliver Stone film.

But it is what it is. I’m merely reporting and relaying.

So, why did I finally decide the information and sources for this story were credible enough to publish? Because of the stellar reputations of the two attorneys who will be rolling some of this information out—Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood. I elaborated about their impeccable character and reputations in my last column.

In the next few weeks, I will be explaining about, and sharing with my readers, the undeniable scientific and forensic evidence, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt, what expert witnesses from varying fields of science will testify to in court—the 2020 presidential election results was corrupted by fraud in epic proportion.

The perpetrators of this fraud are both foreign and domestic. I don’t say that lightly.

This will be the story of this century.

History will reserve a hallowed place for Powell and Wood. Shortly, our country’s second world-class news media, along with their collaborators in the high-tech industries, will begin tearing these two attorneys apart—like jackals descending upon their prey— trying to shut out the masses from this news.

Those efforts will fail. There are too many American’s who will lend their voices to spreading the word. A country full of Paul Revere’s willing to run with the lamp and tell the truth.

For the past few weeks, Sidney Powell has been talking with plenty of bluster and, so far, not backing it up. That ended Thanksgiving Eve. Powell filed her first of many civil fraud law suits in United States District Courts in Georgia and Michigan. The supporting evidentiary affidavits will soon land like a Thomas Hearns right cross.

In media interviews, Powell spoke with a particular phraseology. One of her quotable quotes was a threat to “release the Kraken.” I’m sure, anyone who heard this has thought, like I did, that Powell was making a symbolic reference to the ogre in the Clash of the Titans flick. A sea monster based on Nordic folklore.

But that is not at all what Powell has been referencing. The savvy attorney has been talking code to people who understand her lingo, and now know what fate belies them. The “Kraken” that Powell is referring to is the cryptic nickname for a Department of Defense-run cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks various other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions by enemies of our country.

Kraken is alleged to have been used to infiltrate and record the hacking of votes that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election. A complete replication of the election count as it occurred in real time, replete with the hacks, algorithms, and batches of ballot dumps employed to disenfranchise the votes of every American citizen. Frame by frame, minute by minute, all graphed out perfectly for scientists to lend their expert interpretation to in courtrooms.

In the supporting documents to Powell’s Georgia and Michigan federal court filings, the evidence is in sync with what Kraken would have discovered. No explanation for how she got her hands on the data—though plenty of speculation. Her witnesses and affidavits relative to the Dominion Voting Systems fraud, consist of scientists and mathematicians with more letters after their names than you would find in a bowl of alphabet soup.

In no small measure, the recent firing of Department of Defense Secretary Esper and CISA Director Chris Krebs are most likely tied into this military intelligence sting. They either tried to interfere with the sting or were purposefully kept outside the loop—the real reasons will eventually surface. It perhaps explains their strange, sudden disappearance from public view since the terminations.

A noteworthy fact is that Esper’ replacement as Acting Department of Defense Secretary, Chris Miller, has creds in U.S. Army Special Forces and counter terrorism. Through Executive Order, Miller now has military Special Forces Operations reporting directly to him and not the intelligence community.

For now, the drama of this epic civil fraud suit will playout in federal courtrooms. One would only expect, in time, an announcement of significance from the Department of Defense. The threshold for Powell and L. Lin Wood proving their case is the preponderance of the evidence.

It won’t be the graveyard voter that will nail the villains of this farce. It wasn’t the murders, extortion, or bootlegging that nailed Al Capone. It was the nerdy guys from Treasury that put away Scarface for tax evasion. The just as nerdy science, tech, and mathematics guys will nail the bad guys behind this novel election fraud.

With Kraken, they are armed to the teeth.



  • John j connor on Nov 28, 2020 Reply

    God bless America and all who fight for justice here.

  • Ed Santiago on Nov 27, 2020 Reply

    I hope the that the legal system will provide justice to our republic. Lou this well written please keep n the loop.

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